Lux settings neo coolcam v1

since today my neo cool cam v1 is not updating the lux as quick as it should be.

i reset the sensor, removed and add it again. with no luck.

what am I doing wrong. can you help

What does “is not updating the lux as quick as it should be” mean? How did you checked it?
What are your requirements? What should happen? Have checked the lux curve in Insights? Is the battery still ok?

With the parameter “Lichtsterkte rapportage drempel (lux) = 5” a relatively low value is already set. Theoretically, you could still set this value to 1, but with the current setting, most applications should work fine.

It might also be caused by a bad Z-Wave connection. Maybe not every lux change is transmitted.
Especially if you have re-included the sensor, Z-Wave always needs some time to find an optimal route.

What I mean with that is when I put my hand in front of the sensor its not updating the lux. The value will be set for 1 hour and then It will get the new value. My fibaro sensor does not have this.

What you said about the z-wave connection was a possibility but its has been 17 hours now. So should be ok right ?

thank for thinking along.

That’s what i did

I suppose so, but you can’t really know for sure, because the network is constantly reorganizing itself.

Have you ever tried the “test button” in Developer? But you have to wake up the sensor shortly before.

I have 3 NEO v2 in use and they don’t cause any problems and react very quickly.

You have this one ?

I have the v1. Its suddenly a problem. Last week everything was working fine.

The v2 is not working. For that i need to install the app from the community store

Wake up is pressing the button 3 times right ?

Did u try to move the sensor next to Homey to see if that works?
And what did the multimeter say when u measured the battery (“I did put in a new battery” is the wrong answer in this case!) ?

Yeah, these work really well.
I replaced Fibaro MotionSensors with these because the motion detection always got stuck with the Fibaros.

Yes and no. For me the current app version from the official Homey App Store works.
Yesterday I read that the v2 is available in a modified hardware version. They don’t work with the official app at the moment, that’s correct.


And even that is old news hehe.

Great. :+1:t4:
But nobody could tell me the differences…