Lsc (Action e.a.)

Hoi all,

From Homey 7.2.0 on, all devices LSC, previously coupled via Tuya, stopped working!
Shame on Athom to stop something functioning.

If you are using Tuya cloud App for Homey | Homey

That App isn’t from Athom and my LCS Lights still function using this App from Homey Firmware v7.2.0 already 5 days without issues.

Could it be

  • your Tuya Account,
  • Your WiFi,
  • the App,
  • something else?

Additional, there was some kind of error with Tuya one evening last week. Restarting the Tuya Cloud app (if you’re referring to that app) solved it for me.
It was a Tuya’s server issue, not Homey’s, not Athom’s and not the Tuya Cloud app’s.

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Maybe first try to find out what is wrong before starting accusing ppl or companies…

A big sorry! It was not an accusation as such, but a desperate cry from a desperate guy…who is still desperate