Possible to create app LSC to Homey?

Hallo all,

It doesn’t seem possible to connect LSC stuff to the homey. Witch is a shame, new users as me start (mostly) with lsc products. Now its time for me te get everything working properly and buy new goodies :slight_smile:

But I still have like 40 LSC lamps. It’s a shame to throw them all out… Allready replaced some for Yeelight. But maybe somebody can make LSC compatible?

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With LSC you mean the lights that you can buy at Action?

These lights make use of the Tuya cloud, and luckily there is an app for that: Tuya cloud App for Homey | Homey

It is a little bit of a struggle to set it up, but it’s possible. I have about 15 LSC lights in my house that are working fine with this app.

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I’ll try this this evening! Thnx!! I’ll let u know if it worked.

Uuhm… it keeps on asking for:
Official api acces id voor meer informatie is verplicht…
But there is allready your link filled in.
Sorry, i’m completely new to this, bought my homey pro today.

Hi Marley,

Some hints about apps and their support channels, often provided with how-to’s:

So, below the reviews, you’ll find exactly the same link as on the app settings page. The link is not ‘already filled in’, and it says “… voor meer informatie:”. Then the developer expects you to just follow the presented link :upside_down_face: :wink:
Screenshot from 2023-05-19 23-53-22

So, follow the link, and take your time to configure Tuya Cloud app

Hello Peter,

Ive followd the link, but in the beginning i cant go on on atep one.
I used the LSC app, but ive reinstalled my devices to the smart life app. Now, in step 1 i need to login with my details. But since ive only got smartlife details, i cant login. Its only possible with tuya details…


Its not the same… cant create anything cause the option isnt where it should be.
Then i found a link: create project. When i click it, its turning back to page as shown above…

It worked! All i had to do was login on a computer to do the steps :sweat_smile:

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