Lose connection to Zigbee sensors when route goes through certain routers

Let me start by saying that I am still very happy with Homey. Generally everything works fine only recently I found out a problem that I don’t know the solution to.

I have connected to Homey a lot of Zigbee devices and sensors. Due to the good number of routers and repeaters, I think I have built a good mesh network. Now I have the problem that a number of sensors, mainly Aqara, regularly lose connection when the route runs through a Robbshop dimmer (of which I have 4 in the house). All other routes work fine but every time a sensor connects through one of these dimmers (router) the connection is broken quite quickly. By the way, the dimmers function fine as dimmers in combination with Homey.

I have already tried to bypass the routers by restarting homey when the power is off the dimmers causing the senors to get a different route. This works for a while but when the power goes back on the dimmers they are slowly included in the network again and sensors are automatically linked to them again.

I am very curious if anyone else recognizes this problem and knows a solution? And whether it is possible to indicate in Homey that a router may not function as a router but only as an end device?

Thanks in advance for thinking along!

Interesting observation. Have you asked Robbshop if they are aware of any such issue with their dimmers? It sounds like the problem is with them, although Aqara might be the problem too.

I believe ZigBee has pretty definitive mesh algorithms and that you may not be able to avoid this behavior.

@xAPPO good idea! I have sent Robbshop an email. Just waiting for their response. :slight_smile: