Looking for advice on Smart thermostat

I have 22yr old heater (nefit ecomline HR) with a moduline 30 thermostat. The heater still works fine and now I want to buy a smart thermostat, but as far as I could find the only option is to buy a nefit easy with an nefit easy control adapter.
Apart from that it is a rather expensive solution it is also not the nicest design. I like for instance the plug wise Anna more
My question: is this really the only solution or did I overlook something ?

With the Nefit Ecomline u can connect any on/off thermostat u want. For modulation thermostats u need the nefit protocol. Dunno if u can convert that to OT with a heater that old.

Excuse my French!

So that means u can also connect OT thermostats.

Search the forum, there are more threads about this question.

There are many many solution.
Best is first to decide for yourself what your needs and requirements are.
That will quickly limit the choices


Well the minimal requirement is that it can control/communicate with my dinosaur heater and at the same time can be controlled with Homey.
Just On/off with Homey is already nice.

The control of the heaters did not change much since the dinotime.
Dinos used on/of newer user opentherm. Almost all controllers support both.