Logitech Harmony discontinued

Logitech discontinues the Logitech Harmony.
Dutch txt Logitech Harmony discontinued

What are the alternatives for the future?

Buy them now while they are still for sale. As they state that the platform, updates and support will continue. They will only end the sale of new devices.

I have 2 Ultimates, 1 Elite and 1 hub. Think i will try to score a 2nd Elite 2nd hand before the prices go sky high…

Same here. Bought an extra hub and Elite today. Purely as a backup since there’s no real alternative.

I switched to Broadlink RM3.

Does it have the same functionality? Is it ‘smart’ like Harmony so it knows what devices are on/off when switching between activities?

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The problem with the broadlink is that is only a hub, there is no remote.
You have to control it by an app (or homey), for me the main thing is that i still have a decent actual remote control with REAL buttons for controlling my multimedia devices.

I don’t want to change channels using voice or my phone etc, i want to push a real button to zap around and control my volume…

The home automation should support my actions, not control it.
So when i change my activity then it may react on it (dim lights when watching movie etc) but i am in control of the screen and sound using a real remote. (a touch screen does not work great on daily use of a tv)

Until my knowledge harmony is the only brand which actually do this…

Luckily i got 2 hubs and 2 remotes (elite and ultimate), so should the most important one fail (the one in the living room) i always can replace it with the one from my bedroom (which i hardly ever use).

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I got myself a spare Hub and remore too.