Logic gate "OR" & "AND" in Flow

Hey there,
I want to make flow for Fibaro Switch button. I have 2 RGBW Controllers, and I want to make logic:

fibaro_clicked => IF (rgbw_1 is on OR rgbw_2 is on) => turn off rgbw_1 & rgbw_2
fibaro_clicked => IF (rgbw_1 is of AND rgbw_2 is of) => turn on rgbw_1 & rgbw_2

How should I do it in Flow/Advanced flow? How to add logic gate “OR” and “AND”

First of all you use the wrong logic wording:

It should be:
IF/WHEN fibaro_clicked => AND (rgbw_1 is on OR rgbw_2 is on) => THEN turn off rgbw_1 & rgbw_2

I’m not mentioning this because I’m a know-it-all and want to point out other users’ mistakes.
If you follow the wording and the correct order, it’s easier to understand the logic and functions of Homey flows.

Here are the requested flows: