Logic for Anna Plugwise

For the Anna of Plugwise I am trying to write a flow which can adjust the programme setting (the Preset) at a certain moment. Beside the specific temperature you can adjust the Anna in 5 different programmes (“home”, “away”, “asleep”, “vacation” and “no_frost”), but I do not succeed to write the Preset tag over (in a flow) into a new value. In other words, does anybody know how to make the flow to adjust the Preset into “asleep” at 23:00?
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I struggled with it myself and didn’t succeed either. Now I just don’t use the presets programmes. I set the temperature directly in Homey.

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I mean to remember that this is not supported via the plugin or the API at present. I think I read something like this on the Plugwise website 6-12 months ago.
Time this is fixed, but as far as I remember this was a feature Plugwise is still to support. Time for an update, so the Homey app can also be amended :slight_smile:

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It’s even worse before anna was placed inside the plugwise app there was a seperate app for anna this app included not only the different modes but also what temperatures your heating measures(when using opentherm) and lots of other features that they just did not bother to place back inside the new “combined” app

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Thanks, that is also what I will do, just use the temperature directly in Homey, But I liked the opportunity using the Preset.

I’m trying to set the temperature of Anna directly via Homey. As an experiment I am creating a flow in which I read outside temperature then add 1 to it and write that value to Anna. But I keep getting the error message Flow card Error: Token invalid step
Any idea??

I’m facing the same problem with a POPP thermostat.
To me, it is very strange because once in a while, a variable can be assigned to the thermostat but mostly I get this “token_invalid_step” error message.

Any idéa whats causing this?

I have found a solution but don’t find it logical = probably some kind of Homey bug.

First, I assign a number to the variable. Don’t ask me why, but by doing so, I got the flow to work.
Then I assign the calculation (the formula) to the variable.
And after that, I assign the POPP thermostat that value.

It is NOT the straight-forward minimum logic a bug-free environment would allow - but … it works :wink:

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