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Lidl device Zigbee

I have the same problem with the Lidl products not responding to anything except on/off and dimming. Honestly I’m getting really fed up with the instability of the ZigBee implementation in Homey.

Sounds like you added the device as a generic Zigbee device and not a specific Lidl device.

No. I used the Lidl Smart Home App by Johan Bendz and connected it as a RGBW E27 bulb (which is what it is). Can turn it on and off and dim but when I try the color wheel I get a “Connection Timed Out in 3000ms” or something like that.

I’ll take that back. Now it doesn’t respond at all.

Time for deCONZ.

Why? Homey is marketed as the “Sphere to rule them all”. If I have to buy additional hardware and dive down another rabbit hole of endless tinkering I might just get the respective brand gateways and connect it all through Google Home or Homekit instead. Hence the statement of getting fed up with this. I expect things to work when it is marketed that way.

Not trying to be rude here and I appreciate you trying to help, but it’s been too many times over the time I’ve had my Homey now (6-7 years) that I’ve run into problems and had to troubleshoot and go through all sorts of laborious workarounds, resets and reboots.

You can spend more years waiting for solutions that may never happen, or just give up and move to something else. I did, and I’m very happy with it.

If the modelnumber for the RGB light strip is HG06104A, and you cant see/manipulate the colors, I have a solution for you:
Choose the line with the device and press button ‘Interview’.
Wait a few seconds. Now you get a popup with some code (result from interview)
Just close the window
NOW your device works!!

BTW: The suggestion to use Deconz, will fail. Here the colors dont work at all…
At least for the model number I mentioned…

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Thank you so much. It is working now.