LG WebOS better integration

@Max_Redecker I stopped with the Homey Community Store (there is a post somewhere on the forum here) and hence it is no longer available. You can still download my WebOS plus app via GitHub Releases · MaxvandeLaar/homey-webos-plus · GitHub You would need to install it on your homey yourself via CLI though.


I have a C3 OLED and cannot find the TV when trying to add it. Is there any settings in the TV I have to enable? It’s connect to the same Wi-Fi as my Homey and mobile tv is enabled.
I also tried the LG WebOS app by Athom and TV couldn’t be found.

I had rhe same problem yesterday with a QNEF866QA (2022)
The solution I found here:

press the home-button on the remote ->choose setting (gear) ->chose multiview ->choose screen share (to open the connection?) ->connect the app on your homey/phone/tablet.

I forgot where to put the PIN, so you have to figure this out yourself

Dunno what was wrong yesterday, but today the TV was found and added without any problems. The app seems to work fine. :grinning:

Sending multiple commands to WebOS often crashes the app, so Simulate remote key button is very unreliable.

I have Homey Pro 2019.

Question about the webos plus app. When my tv is off and somewhere in a flow there’s an action where the tv’s turned off it will go on again instead of staying off. Any ideas on this?