LG WebOS and Ring snapshot as a Tag to LG TV

I have Ring door bell and LG TV WebOS connected to Homey. I was hoping I could send the Ring snapshot to the TV when someone rang the doorbell but can’t work it out with the commands available. It looks like the snapshot is not saved to a tag.

Anyone have any ideas.

First time I have posted something and got no response.
Why no response? Stupid idea? Clearly not possible? Surely I can’t be the only person with a ring device and a LG TV.
The use case is that my partner does not want the Ring App or the Homey App on their phone, yet they are very likely to be in front of their TV if sitting in the back room. I have managed to get her Sonos to tell her that someone is at the door if the doorbell is pushed, so would love to be able to push an image to the TV using LG webOS.

What does the card “get snapshot now” does do? Does it have tags? Where does it save the snapshot id/url/token?

Not sure of the answers to your questions. I imagine the snapshot (Tag) is stored in temporary memory on Homey. The flow pictured below works. It sends voice to the Sonos and sends an image of the snapshot to my phone. I am just trying to work out if it’s possible to send the same snapshot to the TV using LG WebOS.

I found this article Using Node-red and Home-Assistant to send notificiations to your LG TV WebOS | The Smarthome Book at thesmarthomebook.com I’m sure there is someone on the forum with Home Assistant and Json knowledge who could interpret this better than me and advise if this may be a possibility to achieve what I am trying to do.

Maybe it’s not that complicated, or maybe it’s impossible. Using the LG WebOS App you can send popups but it looks like you can’t send an image. It certainly looks like the Ring Snapshot is not available to the LG display a popup card. Here is my latest flow attempt. I have sent a support request to Athom asking the question.

The bottom row of cards will never work as both triggers will never make the “all” card be valid.
the trigger cards will be 2 entirely different flow instances (you should see it as 2 separate normal flows).

Don’t know about the snapshot…

In my case I use the pop up on my LG, have a push notification sent and make the light next to the TV blink. That blinking works great!

The APP CallMeBot supports sending an image via Signal. Perhaps that works!

You can with the community WebOS app

Flow example (no Ring here, but it’s the same idea):

Mind the 1s delay, this is to make sure the latest snaphot is available

BUT: it is way too small (for me)

Can you send a url to the browser of the LG tv?

Through a flowcard or homeyscript?

I’d like to try it. But how do you install it? I don’t think I have seen the Homey Community Store before and there is obviously a difference from the homey.app store as I can’t find it there. And if I go to the browser the Install button is not enabled. Do i need to donate first?

First install the store app itself,
Then login to the store:

Now it should be possible to install apps