Looks like we are soon at more than 50% posts in non English language… Am I the only one that feels we are all losing out on this? Lots of useful info is not getting thru…


That is something that ‘we’ have very little control over.
Some people who do not have English as their native language will never have the courage or lingual skills to start a topic in English but do want to know how to do this or that.

If they would go to a language specific forum, the guys capable of answering in a second language like myself might not use this mostly English oriented forum.

So yes, not all topics can be read by everyone.
You might miss out. But if you search for a term, and only find a non English. I doubt nobody is willing to give you a gist of what is going on, if you ask.

On the other hand I see lots of topics in English where only other language native speakers are involved.


That‘s true @Sigge.

My native language is german. I always try to push the user in the german subforum to look in the english main forum to not loose information. Also to try discussing there.

But as @Twan_Veugelers said, we only can influence them as good as we can. But it is of course their decision. :wink:

I think we are still far from the point that most post are in other languages, and these are still scattered …
and please let them come here, imho beter than scattered over several Facebook groups and general tech fora.

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I am closing this thread because

a) The original post is simply a straight up lie.
b) The numbers can be easily verified (see @Dijker)
c) There is no “loosing out on this”, The language which people can speak is not negotiable.

If you have a problem with this please feel free to contact myself (your monolingual Moderator) or any of the bilingual moderators.