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Is it cross-posting, when asking a question in both English and non-English threads?

The forum includes both a main section for English posts and dedicated subs for non-English posts - and apparently it is deemed as cross-posting if the same question is asked in both:

I find this very strange - especially when the non-English thread is the one that gains preference as this effectively bars most users from gaining experience or participate in it.

Trying to keep most in English pays best for the community - having discussions on the same topic in other languages shouldn’t lead to closing the English version in my opinion - as this will effectively ensure the discussion is kept in that language instead - instead users should be asked to give an update in the English thread :wink:


We are looking at this per post. It’s not a standard rule to close this “cross posting”.
In this case it’s about a product specifically made for Sweden and the thought was he could get better answers in the Swedish part of the forum. Peeps looking at the English part on the forums has no benefits at all for devices made for Sweden.
When posts are created in several languages just to get more attention for the same question is a different story. Most of the times the English part stays open then, the other is closed.
Am gonna close this topic. Let’s keep the forums for Homey related questions. For future questions about moderation i would like to ask to contact any of the moderators via PM.

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