KNX problem with flow and multiple shutters

I have a frustrating problem. I am using the knx app to connect all of my shutters to homey. When trying to close them at a given time via a flow not all shutters close. When I restart the flow they go down. Its not always the same shutter. What can I do to solve this? Are there to many request for knx (7 shutters)? I tried to set a 1 sec delay after each shutter but this does not help. With home assistant and jung server this was no problem… I am really frustrated. I also tried to group them but this also does not work.

Thanks for your help.

It’s probably too many requests for Homey, sending too many commands from the same flow is known to cause random behaviour (where some commands work and others don’t).

Adding a delay, like you did, usually solves it. Perhaps you need a longer delay (also, depending on how exactly your flow is set up, you may need to increase the delay between each card.

Thank you for your answer. I will try to split my flow with delays. I hope it helps. Nevertheless this should be fixed by homey in the future. Every other system seems to have no problem with this “easy” task.

Given that this issue has existed for many years now, I think it can’t be solved.

I disagree, as a software developer I would say that anything is possible :wink:

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I guess what I mean is that it can’t be solved by the software developers that are employed by Athom :stuck_out_tongue:

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