KAKU shutters close via google home, but won't open

My shutters from klikaanklikuit are going down via google home/assistant but they wont go up.
Google does respond and tells me that the shutters are going up but nothing happens.

Is this an issue with the app? or with homey?

Look in the Homey app at the state of the shutter switch. Probably it is in the up position and then Homey won’t trigger it again.
In my flows I set the switch in the neutral/off position after 1 minute.

Works fine for me.

When i’ts in the neutral poosition it is indeed responding. except it’s headed the wrong direction.
In the homey app i see that the direction is also going down instead of up.

Google is responding that he’s going to set it to up…
Via homey everything works perfectly

How do you ask Google to open them? I can’t use ‘up/down, I have to use’ open/close’ otherwise it doesn’t work…

Open/close does work!
Perhaps there’s an issue with homey or this app that it does not correctly translate down and up!
Can you guys test that? If i’m correct i’ll send an issue to homey

I made a ticket about this over a year ago. They were going to look into it… :smirk:

Is it a Homey issue or a KAKU issue?
If it’s KAKU i can try to check it out

It’s Homey (or Google) because I use Fibaro-modules.

Go to the device settings and select advanced settings, here you can invert the signal to respond correctly on up and down.

Why would that help? It’s just some commando’s that do not work, via the homey interface it works fine and via open/close commands it works fine either.

You didn’t mention that earlier.

Not in my original question no. In the comments above this one someone helped me realize that there are other commands.

I’ve been having the same problem with Google and Homey with different brands, all using the up/down control, and I’ve not been able to pinpoint whether it’s google or homey getting it wrong. My motion blinds, directly linked too Google are doing it wrong as well, but I’m not really sure who is actually taking the commands, Motion or Homey.

However, I did find a workaround to make it work by using Google routines. The phrases there can override default behaviour, and since the open/close commands work, you can make a routine to let the up/down commands converted to open/close. Now I don’t have to tell the wife to use other commands anymore :smile: