Solved: Homey 2.0 - Shuttle curtains open and close are reversed , invert open/close doesn't help / new app v3.0.5 Forest

Since the update to Homey 2.0 my Shuttle curtains open in the evening and they close automatically in the morning :frowning: so not what I put in my flows anyway,it should go the other way around of course.

Also in the watch home cinema movie flow the curtains open in stead that they close or stay closed.

This all worked perfect in my flows until the update to Homey 2.0. Is this Homey 2.0 a beta? There are a few issues, which should have been tackeld in the beta test… but okay.

I noticed that in the settings of the shuttle button there is an advanced setting. Here you can choose to invert open/close signal. I tried this of course only it doesn’t matter if you test here with yes or no, there is no difference in behaviour.

Please solve this

Can you please specify us what device is used to open/close your curtains? Then maybe people can assist a bit more?

A wild guess is that your devices are Fibaro roller shutter. If that’s the case, it is a known bug with the latest Fibaro app where the invert movement does not work. Athom is aware and working to fix it.

Also, when you run in such issues, please report them here:
as this forum is not quite monitored by Athom.

I use the Shuttle curtain system

This can be controlled with the Shuttle app directly by Homey

Missed the word Shuttle. Thanks. I would contact the app developer then.

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Have seen in other topics that directions have changed with V2.0 probably there is a general problem in the Homey V2.0 , so maybe it’s good t (also) report this to Athom/Homey

Okay, I have sent an email to Homey support about this issue

Solved with the Forest Shuttle App upgrade v3.0.5