KAKU / COCO door/motion sensors don´t work

I have 3 ACST-606 door-sensors and 1 APIR-2150 motion sensor from KAKU/COCO.
They stopped working since a month.
Only way to trigger them is using the on/off button on the inside of the sensor.

Things I tried already:

  • change batteries
  • unplug homey for 10 minutes and restart (fixed it for half a day)
  • delete sensors from homey and add them again. (one cannot be found anymore)

Nothing really works and they sometimes work but I couldn’t find any pattern in it.

My homey firmware:

  • kaku app version 4.3.1
  • version 4.2.0
  • Homey pro (early 2019)
  • app version
  • nodejs version 12.16.1
  • load average: 13%

I already found this topic but there wasn’t any solution (KAKU / COCO AMST-606 door sensors don´t work any more)

Hope somebody can help!


Have you tried replacing Homey’s power supply?

I didn’t try that.
But if it’s the power supply more devices should have issues right?
I do have 10 other KAKU/COCO light switches which do work.

----- EDIT ----
I changed the power supply.
Will post my findings here

Door sensors are working now.
After I changed the power supply and turned the switch off and on again (on the sensor)

Cannot check the motion sensor because it’s set to only see motion when it’s dark

Hope it keeps working.

When I did a reset before this also worked but stopped after a while

So everything worked fine until this morning. The sensor was responding sometimes.
Looks like something is interfering.

I have some flows in the morning were I check if the zone is active and based on presence and time I turn on/off lights.

But there’s not an Kaku device which gets triggered all the time which can cause the interfering.

I have the same problem with a motion sensor from Heiman (z-wave) and Everspring also z-wave.
Athom tels me that it is an problem from te app.
In my case that are 2 different apps en now there is a 3the appe that usess KAKU so i think it is a Homey problem and not a app problem

Plz check if u know for sure there is no device with an empty battery. Devices with empty batteries WILL overload the band and CAN cause other devices to not work like they supposed to.
There is only one good way to check the batteries and that is measure them.

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I’ll defenitely check that.
Will come back on that later.

So I tried the multimeter.

Batteries in my motion sensor were ok. But due to newly added lights in our street it didn’t recognize motion because the light intensity was too bright.

For the door/contact sensor it was hard to measure the batteries because it were the small button like batteries.
One sensor had a battery which was almost empty. I tested this one by one to just take out the battery.

Also found out that when the battery is almost empty the position of the sensor matters. If the 2 parts are too far from each other it doesn’t recognize it. Which works when the batteries are full.

So looks like it’s resolved.
Hope it stays this way.


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Same goes for the KAKU ACST-9900, battery = OK (new) Switch can not be (re-)paired. Reinstalled the KAKU app, restarted Homey, New power suply added to Homey, nothing helps. Very very annoying.
Wall plugs APC3-2300R also live a life of themselves. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t.
F…g annoying sh.t this KAKU stuff combined with Homey.

Hi Hanz,
I also have the APC3-2300R. Can you explain what’s going wrong?

Also for the ACST-9900, I would try to put in a new battery (again). I had the same issue with my doorsensors.

Hi Martijn,

No solution yet, perhaps some other device ( a not so obvious one perhaps) is low on battery and interfering within the network.
Had a old KAKU extender AEX-701and a KAKU lightsensor ABST-604 in my network, after removing these one most of the problems are gone.

Happy hunting, Hans

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