KNX disconnects at every Homey upgrade


Relevant devices:
Homey Pro
ABB IPS/S3.1.1 IP Interface.
KNX house.

I primarily got the Homey (Pro) because I wanted an voice command interface between the KNX smart home. And it works.

Connecting the Homey to Alexa works well, and setting up Homey with KNX works as well as can be expected. Except when it doesn’t.

Whenever there is a network disruption, the Homey Pro drops the connection to the ABB IP gateway. Only the Homey does this, both ETS5 and Home Assistant will keep connecting just fine. This happens after any power outage, which can be within expectations. But more of a problem is that it also happens every time there’s a Homey software upgrade. Every time there’s a nice notice on my phone that Homey has an upgrade, I know that voice commands like “Alexa, turn on the lights in the kid’s room” simply will not work. I open the Homey app, and all KNX devices will have that red exclamation thingie.

Instead of rebooting the Homey, I can do a faster fix by going into any KNX device setup, go to Advanced setup. I change the IP of the interface, and save. Then I do the same one more time, change the IP back to the correct IP, and save. This will restore KNX connectivity.

Now, ideally, this bug could be fixed, but I think that’s a lot to ask, since there’s probably no easy way to debug it.

As a work around, is there a way I can set up any form for automation that can reconnect a lost KNX connection?

I’ll provide more information if interesting.




I am new with homey, and I am interested by your experience.

I have a knx network only for lights. I tried to add them on homey but i had the red thingie yesterday.

Today, after a electricity cut, it was working. I was quite confused. But after a new electricity cut, all knx lights are disconnected.

I tried to change IP twice as you recommend but nothing happened, after homey reboot neither.

Did you find the source of the problem? It may help me to find a solution !

Thanks in advance,