KNX and HOMEY (cable)

Hi all hope can be usefull for everybody have issue with KNX / CABLE / ETH with homey.

I try many things like this:

  1. Original (2version) PSU from ATOM with Original USB C-C cable, WIFI 5ghz or 2.4ghz
    - KNX work, lost wifi or connection to HOMEY often
  2. Original (2version) PSU from ATOM, Original USB C-C cable, Original ETH-USB cable
    - KNX not work, other things work with instable CPU Clock
  3. Chromecast 4k PSU with built in ETH and wifi
    - work with instable CPU Clock**
  4. Original (2version) PSU from ATOM, short not original USB C-C cable, Original ETH-USB cable, WIFI
    - work with minor instable CPU Clock
  5. 2M not original USB C-C cable (pro), Original ETH-USB cable
    - KNX NOT work with minor instable CPU Clock

So in my case solution 3 and 4 are the most usable cause i have a lot of KNX integration (i suppose original USB cable are not good so the telegram sent from homey to knx going lost, and this is the reason why is work with WIFI)

Do you have a chance to test some of this different case and confirm? I will continue to test different usb C-C cable and see if something change.

Actually KNX not work only in ETH modality.
Can someone confirm my test??? Thanks in advance

Have you heard others complaining about the same problem? Seems like a real issue if the new Homey Pro 2023 is so instable. I´m planning on upgrading but that’s obviously not a good idea.

Thanks for raising the issue!

Hello Anton, I’ve been using Homey Pro 2023 for a few months now (since around June 2023), and honestly, I wouldn’t change it because I’m willing to tolerate such instabilities (which, for now, don’t cause any inconvenience) because I know there will be significant improvements in the future.

Going back to the topic, I’ve seen on the forum that many people complain about the KNX <> LAN issue that I also had, but I was able to solve it by changing the USB cable.

Now, I have purchased a PRO USB cable, and I will try it to see if there are any changes, and I will then share the result.

Update the first post, so the problem is not the cable but the LAN or BOTH LAN + Cable that is not work with KNX.

The issue is already knowed from ATHOM, working on it but without any timeline. So wait and use wifi, or both. :slight_smile: