Kasa KP125M

I am attempting to add a Kasa KP125M device. I have successfully added it to my Kasa account but when I try to add it to Homey Pro, there is no entry for it in the official Kasa app.

I try adding it as a HS103 but that doesn’t work either.

I have the latest software on both my Homey Pro 2023 and the Homey App (as well as the official TP-Link Kasa Smart Homey app).

I select the device to add in the TP=Link Kasa app, log in to my Kasa account, and then get a message “No new devices have been found.”.

Any suggestions? This is a brand new KP125M that includes the Matter support, even though I’m not trying to use it.

Are you sure the app is already supporting Matter devices? App is 6 month old.

Mike1233 -
The device supports Matter but (as I understand it) does not require Matter - its backwards compatible.

I see the app is 6 months old but in the changelog, it says support for the KP125 was added - yet I don’t see that as an option when I go to add a device. Is the KP125 supported or not? And if it is, how do I add it?

I only see the KL125 and no KP125M.
I don’t see anny device with an M.

Still no support for KP125M.

That device is not supported by the Kasa API. TP-Link could resolve this issue by integrating the device into their API, enabling us to subsequently add support on our end. Without universal API support for all TP-Link devices, interfacing with this particular device remains impossible.

Alternatively, you can connect the plug to Homey via Matter; however, be aware that this method likely will not support power measurement.