KaKu/CoCo problems with new firmware

Hi guys,

After the new firmware release to 1.5.13 rc 11. I am experiencing that some of the KaKu receivers are non responsive. They just don’t do anything, I can flip the switch on/off but nothing happens.

For example: I have a flow that turns multiple lights on/off, then 1 KaKu socket (ACD-1000) won’t turn on/off while the others are working fine.
I just experienced this issue with my AWMR-230, exact same problem.

I had 0 issues before upgrading. I am really bashing myself in the head why I updated… can I revert?

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Please try a ptp (pull the plug) and wait at least 11.2 min before putting it back.

You can’t easily revert to a previous firmware.

As you are running experimental the only option could be to factory reset and choose to keep Homey on stable fw and revert to 1.5.12.

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Had the same issue upgrading to 1.5.12.
Pull the plug (couple of minutes) did the job.

I forgot to add that when upgrading Homey to the latest version, nothing worked with kaku. I pulled the plug and waited atleast 15 minuten, after that it worked again.

Now I just have these incidents.

I had the same problem.
Beside PtP you can also reset the signal driver at tools.
That did the job for me

I also experience a non reliable 433Mhz operation.
I do use Kaku and action sockets and adcb7000 doorbell.
So on regular base they are not responding.
I do a signal restart at tools and they are operating again for a while.
Especially missing the doorbell is a hot item for me.

Is there a way to improve this?
I already de- and reinstalled Kaku (Missing all my devices after installing again??? :fearful::anguished: not expected)

Did you also try to re-pair you’re devices?? (will give you probably a lot of work) but is known to solve these issues.

I did because off the re-install of the KaKU-app, yesterday re-pair all devices.
I will check today if it is reliable again.
Thanks for the advice

The problem I seem to have is that it’s unresponsive and it queues. So for example my kitchen lights are on.
In the app I turn the lights off, nothing happens… but the slider goes to off.
In the app I turn the lights on, nothing happens, since they are already on… slider goes to on.
since I get frustrated i do this a couple of times…

After a few minutes, my lights go off, on, off, on etc… How the hell can that happen?

Big chance that the kaku doesnt recived the signal. That its goes off in the app looks to me thats homey is sending the signal, but your device not recieving it.

If it doesnt receive it, I would expect that it just stays on. Now it just releases all the queued commands

I experienced the same as dENNtoet .
In my opininon this means Homey is queing commands but not sending.
After a while for what reason it handles all in once

Today Kaku looks like more stable

It is still not reliable.
By the way I don’t think it is KaKu but the 433Mhz system of Homey.
I do use Kaku and Action equipment together. Both are not working after a while, not only KaKu.

Yep, it works fine for a while. Then i get the whole queue of commands that it unleashes after a few minutes

Having the exact same problem here. Since i have Homey i have kaku devices on my attic, Homey is in the livingroom. This always worked perfect. The MV, stairs lightning and drink fountain of the cats are controlled by kaku devices, but since the last updates practically no devices gets the signals from the Homey.

Seems like the signal strenght or something is changed. I’m getting really really frustrated about Homey and their unreliabillity. Not only Kaku, also Zigbee and Zwave are not reliable.