KAKU AWMR 230 (v5) not pairing

I am not able to pair a brand new KAKU AWMR 230 (v5) with my homey.

Initially I tried to connect the 230 using the connect button on the 230. This didn’t work. To make sure the 230 is working fine I connected a KAKU remote to the 230. This is working fine.

After connecting a remote to the 230 I tried the copy remote option to add the device to my homey without any luck.

I already did a reset of the 230. I switched my homey off for over 20 minutes. I reinstalled the KAKU firmware.

I am running kaku 4.1.0 and homey 1.5.13.

Any ideas how to connect the 230 to my homey?

Solved it although I think it’s not working as it should.

After pairing you get a test screen. In my previous attempts the test wasn’t working so I cancelled the process. I had the same issue with an AC1000. I was so annoyed that I kept pressing the on/off button (out of frustration :slight_smile: )in the test screen and after several attempts the ac1000 started to work with my homey.

I tried the same trick with the 230 and it actually worked!

I’n having the same problem with some acd-1000. The test screen comes almost instant but doesn’t work. So if i understand correctly i should press the on / off test a few times and than it should work??

That did it for me yes

After pairing my awmr 300 did not respond to the signal from Homey.

I put the switch in learning mode again and kept sending on-off signals from Homey. Then it worked for me