Hi, new Homey user, just got the new 2023-version and it looks good.

BUT, why no Itunes-app? Airplay is present in dvery room.

Google gave me «nothing».

Thanks in advance.

Homey doesn’t support streaming.

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Thanks, then it was a short ownership.

Remote-control of Itunes should be possible.

I’m fairly sure iTunes doesn’t have a remote control protocol.


Thanks again, Itunes can be remotely controlled by other system and apps on IOS-device.

Okay, then not from Homey :man_shrugging:t3:


Does iTunes still exist? You should search for apple music, this might helpt;
homey x shortcuts Is HomePod supported - #8 by Max_Menther

Or have a look at homebridge and connect it with homekitty

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Thanks, yes, in Windows it’s still alive. On my mac it it’s replaced with Music.

Been using it for 20-years, not ready to stop yet. :nerd_face:

Will try these lster.

Update: Solved it with a few new Sonos speakers. :see_no_evil:

Trying to learn some basic flow-skills. Would like to use a NUMBER-variable as delay-in-seconds. Radio is often 20-50 out of sync with the clock.