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it looks like im blind or something like this. :)) does anybody know where the app “SoundCloud” has gone?
On my homey runs the app with version 2.0.3 and comes from Athom.
But i can’t find it in the App-Store?!


Not soundboard?

nope :slight_smile: i mean “soundcloud”

Ok. Looks like it’s still on GH yes. Dunno why it’s not in the appstore (anymore) , maybe @Bram can share some info on this matter?


Does soundcloud have any use in Homey 2.0 now we don’t have music anymore? Same as Google Music, doesn’t work anymore either… But for 1.5.x users it would be good to have it back in store, did you file a request at:
https://github.com/athombv/com.soundcloud/issues and

why shouldn’t “soundcloud” work with homey 2.0 ??

How do you see it working in the new app? There’s no way to send music to the speakers other then the way I did with the radio- and podcast-app : use tags…

the tags-option doesn’t work for many apps… (transition for example) and this will be fixed with the new homey-app. or what do you mean?

We’re talking about soundcloud? Nothing to do with transitions? In the radio-app I create tags which can be dragged to chromecast and other speakers…

But the soundcloud doesn’t create these tags? And Homey 2.x doesn’t have the music-interface Homey 1.5.x had…

ok you talk about different things… with the app “soundcloud” there exists no possibility for version 1.53 and 2.0 for use such tags as you posted…
i thought you mean there are general problems with tag-usage within the apps. and this i said, that for the transition apps exists this problem too and has nothing to do with the app itself. :slight_smile: