Podcasts in Homey

Podcasts for Homey

Add podcasts to Homey and play episodes (through the Media-page for 1.5.x).
Status: in appstore

Supported Languages:



Everyone on slack for helping out


Any requests please post them in the Podcast app topic on the Athom Forum or contact me on Slack

If possible, please report issues and feature requests at the issues section on Github or otherwise in this topic.


v1.2.1 (3-3-2019) : added german translation and some cleanup
v1.2.0 (30-1-2019) : Fixed removal of ManagerMedia in FW2.0.2
v1.0.1 (11-3-2018) : adoptions for appstore
v1.0.0 (10-12-2017) : allow https, add date to podcast, dates as album, fix podcast-title
v0.3.0 (17-11-2017) : play podcast-item through flowcard-search (Homey music)
v0.2.1 (15-11-2017) : some extra error-checking
v0.2.0 (12-11-2017) : added global tags for action-card, added trigger-card, changed icon, added playing time
v0.1.6 (03-11-17) : changed formatting and icon
v0.1.5 (21-10-17) : changed icon and better settings-line
v0.1.4 (10-10-17) : no https allowed and fixed saving
v0.1.3 (10-10-17) : use promises
v0.1.1 (9-10-17) : no app-restart needed for reloading podcasts in Media-view, texts for settings added
v0.1.0 (8-10-17) : first version

Future work:

1) https doesn’t work :frowning:
2) why the &^%%$ doesn’t saving work?
3) texts for settings

4) verify urls
5) lots of error-chekings
6) rewrite item-title with date

7) use self-given item-name
8) triggers
9) action cards

10) voice commands
11) allow https
12) global tags for latest podcast-item
13) if playing time is known, add it to media-manager

Podcast on old forum

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