"It's daytime" not precise

Hi. I’m using “It’s daytime” block in several of my automations, but it seems that it’s not precise.

It’s 4:06 AM
Sunrise this day is at 4:32 AM
“It’s daytime” block returns “true” in this situation, but shouldn’t (yet).

Is it bug or I don’t understand how it works?

The info text says that daytime means “between dawn and dusk”:

Dawn occurs before sunrise.

However, daytime is defined as the period between sunrise and sunset, so the card is wrong.

Also there are on Homey 2 difference sunrise en sunset times.

  1. The card sunrise en sunset times.
  2. Tag/token sunrise en sunset times.
    Time difference can be up to 3 minutes.

From my timeline

20-05-2024 21:36
Zon onder.
Tag 21:37
mei 20 2024 21:36:00

21-05-2024 05:43
Zon op.
Tag 05:42
mei 21 2024 05:43:00

Lucky now only 1 minute. :wink:

That’s why I would like to see that time cards have a tag possibility beside the xx:xx.
From which app you want to use the sunrise en sunset times, you can take there tag time.

I saw this tooltip, but I didn’t realized that “sunrise and sunset” is not the same as “dawn and dusk”.
That explains everything.

Today dawn in my location is at 3:47 AM, so it seems that flows are working correctly.

I got the impression that Athom also doesn’t know there’s a difference :sweat_smile: