Issues iRobot roomba cleaning flow

I’ve created a few flows to let the iRobot roomba clean the Hause, each time no one is at home. The start of the cleaning works like it should, but after ending, the flow is not executed from Homey. When i manually trigger the flow, averything is set like it should. I don’t know if i overlook soemthing, therefor i request a check from the Community:
Following is used:
Better Logic with Version v1.0.5
Roomba with Version v2.0.2
Homey Pro with Version 2.1.0

Flows like here:
Set Variable back:

When nobody is home start check / cleaning / set Variables:

When cleaning done Set Variable / Inform user:

I also redone the last to the following (without help):
Setting When to: Back at charger
Setting When to: cleaning and And to: Back at charger

hope sombody have an idea where it failes. I don’t hope that it is the Athom app that didn’t get the State correctly.

Actually this is the problem.

Try the next flow, in doesn’t work in my case.

I made the following flow to start the cleaning, and works in my case.

Please also report this problem to Athom

I already have report it, Boaz created internal tests and found some strange behavior. They are on to fix some parts.