Issue with flow: iRobot stops every few seconds

Hi there,

I hope you can help me with the following issue I encounter. I want my iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner to start (between 10 and 11am) to clean when my solar panels are creating energy. To monitor the creation of energy I use the P1 meter of HomeWizard, which shows the energy level real time.

Therefore, I’ve created the flow below, but it seems like I’ve missed something. As intended the Roomba starts at the right moment, but stops a few seconds later, then restarts a few seconds later, and so on. …

The flow I have is:



  • today is between Monday and Thursday
  • time is between 10 am and 11 am
  • the current power is less then -50 (when power is created the P1 meter shows this in a negative number, when power is taken from the power grid the number is positive)


Did I miss something?

My guess would be that the power will change repeatedly, triggering the flow each time. I think that the action “Begin met stofzuigen” is causing your Roomba to stop for a moment and (re-)start.

You have to keep track if the Roomba is already active. I don’t know if there’s an AND card for it where you can check “AND Roomba is not already active”?

Just out of curiosity: why would you want it to be active while your solar system is generating power? Wouldn’t it be better to have it charge up during that time?

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Thats tricky at the moment: The function of the Roomba-State didn’t work for an i7 and Braava M6. Waiting self for an Update of the App.

But @robertklep got right > You need something in WHEN what detects if Roomba is active so that your Flow only runs once.

Using myself the Battery-State of Roomba with Logic-Cards and Variables.

That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot.
I’ve added an extra “AND…” When Roomba is not cleaning.

The reason why I want it to clean when my panels create power, is because it will return to its station in approx 1h30m and will then almost certainly charge with ‘created’ power (due to the location and positioning of the panels).

Seems to work @CyberSponk .
I’ve kept the same Flow but have added the extra line “When Roomba” is not active.

You have an i7? Will try it when at Home and come back.

Update @Baptistevod Looked > i7 and BraaveJet M6 running since an Hour but Homey says “Docked”.

No, it’s an 896. sorry.