Issue with tags (true/false) when using Yale Doorman app (for Verisure)

After last update of Yale Doorman app (to SDK3) the AND card “A lock has been locked” does not trigger the correct output tag in Homey advanced flow. I have used this flow for a long time and it have worked without flaw until resent update of the app. I dont know if the issue is with the app or with Homey.

The card returns the correct tags (true/false) but Homey send it out opposite from the card.
Meaning; if the lock is locked (by pressing *) the tag is “true”, but Homey continue the flow via “false” output from the card. And opposite if opening the lock (with code), the tag is “false”, but Homey continue the flow via the “true” output from the card.

Is this a matter for the maker of the app, or Homey?

The norwegian wording used is “låst” = Locked, and “opplåst” = Unlocked.


For the Yale Doorman app you can try PM to the dev @eval

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I have sent mail to developer, but still await reply…
Looks like there is some serious issue with the app. Since yesterday the app is unable to control the lock.

BTW There’s several Yale apps, and Verisure app also has a (yale?) lock driver (but you probably need a Verisure system to control it)

Thanks for reporting @Yankie. Both the issue you reported and the login issue is now fixed and new version is live: Yale Doorman App for Homey | Homey


Hi @eval , Thanks! All working perfect again.