Is there still no local access? (V2)

That’s why i always build in a plan B… Whatever controller you use, they all have these disadvantages, some more than others. And i think Homey is among the others…

Is this still the case?
I lost internet the other day and couldn’t control via app even though both were on local network…

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In theory, it should work locally. In practice, it doesn’t.

TL;DR: according to Athom, the mobile app uses an access token to access Homey locally, and that token has a reasonably large expiry (after which it requires an internet connection to be updated), but it regularly happens that when the internet connection dies, the app pretty much immediately cannot access Homey anymore.

Urgh. Not ideal then really is it.
Good job I can log in with the IP address from my desktop over LAN… oh wait

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Long lease token my ****!
Was in the app when internet just dropped. Loaded app straight back up and no local connection

Yes, this is a known issue. And with “known” I mean that lots of users are familiar with it, but somehow it has escaped Athom’s attention (or interest…).



My internet was down but my Wifi fine

I can confirm this doesnt work:
“Controlling your home with the Homey Smartphone App while you’re on the same WiiFi network”

both mobile phone and homey were working fine, and on the same wifi SSID
the homey app was unreachable


Hi !
Same situation for me.
Internet connexion is down.
Same wifi network.
No Access to the App.

Big disapointment as this was à Key factor to chose Homey among other interesting options.
While reading this topic I do feel tricked/fooled by untrue commercial speech.
I’m starting to re-think my choice.

If someone from Athom is reading this ; now is a good time to make things right about this.



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They don’t…

Should change this year.

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Please forward your issue to Athom will only “read” the forum for feature requests, not for support requests. And your issue is (IMO) a bug.

And it has been since feb '19 and probably earlier. And a very annoying and critical one at that.

I turned away from homey a long time ago, and honestly, I never looked back. They might have some niche features that others don’t have. But the lack of communication, the lack of support (besides a forum with more then a few entitled pricks), and just the simple knowledge that my stuff just works, whenever I want it to, made me never regret that decison. Seeing this old issue still come up, makes me sad and happy at the same time.

Sorry @Laurent_N, I do hope you have more luck and enjoyment with your HomeyTM

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Can you provide a link to the ticket you submitted?

Also would like a link to the ticket. As I am using our Homey Pro on a boat this is a huge problem as the boat WiFi is not always connected to the internet.

If rebooting the Homey Pro it actually works to connect to it for a few minutes before not working anymore. That is the only workaround I have found.

I am connecting with an iPhone 11.

Athom doesn’t have a public issue tracker, everyone is expected to submit an issue report separately.

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Thank you :+1:t3: I will create a new report then.