Is there still no local access? (V2)

Thanks for the reply but are you 100% sure that Homey still is accessible using your phone when internet is down? I’ve seen some other topics on the forum that stated the opposite.

Offline possibilities

Offline Homey will still be able to manage your home, as Homey is not dependent on cloud services to operate (unlike some other systems). Functionality that remains available offline includes:

  • Controlling your home with the Homey Smartphone App while you’re on the same WiFi network
  • Executing flows that don’t need internet, for example sensor based ones
  • Voice output, allowing Homey to speak via a Flow for example
  • Logging of your local sensor data in the Insights module
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The only thing I did not do yesterday was ptp on homey. All the rest (modem, wifi ap, switches) was rebooted, to make sure that it indeed was the ISP at fault. I can try ptp tonight.

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Yes I read that too. Doesn’t change the fact that I had to wait for my internet to come back in order to be able to switch off my lights. (Other then making my rounds and pulling the plug on everything).

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Then you should contact athom support.

I see the same issues like @heretic1988 homey is not available if the cloud is down or homey has no internet.

Looks like my homey doesn’t care what is written on the official site.

Edit: I have the new 2019homey


That is the theory. It could be that in practice Athom changed something and it doesn’t work anymore that way. We all know that Athom is not the best in updating their documentation.

p.s… I also submitted a new ticket regarding this.


Few days ago had same problem ziggo had maintenance in my area and i had no internet for 5 hours. Homey was locally unavailable till my internet was up. So you are not alone with this problem.
I don’t like the idea that homey is almost 100% depends on cloud


It sounds like a bug to me and should be reported to

Ideally each person submit a request so that Athom are aware of how many people this bug is affecting.

Are you sure your on the same netwerk?
Me for example has a normaal and 5G WiFi netwerk.
Homey is connected to the normal.
My phone to the 5G.
If i look at “algemeen” it says connected to cloud at the 5G connection and local if my phone is connected at the normal WiFi connection.

Yes. Only 1 network in the house. I have submitted an issue too.

I got a response from Athom. Apparently it was a bug in v2, and it should be fixed in 2.0.2. I will test this tonight when I am at home.

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i have the 2.0.2 but yesterday for me it was impossible to connect to homey without an internet connection. (even on the same wifi point)

Ok, I just tested it by physically pulling the cord (and trying to use Z-wave Fibaro switches). The same principle applies. You need to he online to “check in” to Homey. Once you have, you run locally. Specifically,

1: Your automations (flows) work independent of the internet connection (unless the automation itself relies on data from the internet, of course). my remote still worked yes

2: If you are logged into your Homey app and then you lose the internet connection, you can still continue to control Homey locally. i was logged in, ( i was using the app at the moment internet was gone) and then there was no possibility to use homey.

3: If you’re logged out of the app, or the app is not running in the background on your device, you have to be online to pass authentication and start controlling your Homey. in this case, homey should still be reachable, so this would be a bug

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I received an email yesterday evening about this issue and they are working on it

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And I received an update. The latest app should fix this. Anyone willing to test that? :wink:

It is the next update coming the next weeks.

Not according to the support. It should already be fixed.

I tested and the results in the beta 2.0.7 where pretty good but that did not result in the same Experience on the latest available version for me. I am already in contact with Athom again about this.

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