Homey's Offline capabilities tested! [v2.0.0-rc.x]

Homey’s offline capability is designed to let a local mobile connect and work while there is a temporary internet problem.
Disabling internet for Homey probably gives a different result and is definitely not recommend or supported for the long run. I am even not sure all routers and firewalls behave the same when blocking one IP to access internet regarding to local services on the same WiFi.

Try to connect using that mobile app while you disable internet by fe pulling an WAN plug from your modem or router to simulate as close as possible what happens when your ISP has a problem.
All other things like the developers site and insights need homey to be connected as you need to access homey on the cloud id (revers proxy) and that is not available when you deny Homey to access internet.
So that is expected behavior.

Reading your reply I am also not sure you understood my question if you have an separate Access Point (AP), but that’s more of a thing when Homey and the mobile app would be on separate subnet’s.

I am not able to test the described scenario atm, but I will update when I am at home and able to reproduce with the latest version.

I think that ist wrong but I revalidated it. If I plug the wan cabel homey ist also Not reachable.
And I think for homey it is the same If the wan ist disconnected or another Profile assigned.

A no I didnt understand the ap Questionen. Thought it was a Typo.

So yes I have Dome repeater and I am Not Sure If the App and homey where connected to the Same Hardware device. But logicaly they are in the Same Network and even in the Same subnet. So that can Not bei the reasonable.

hello ya all,
since i had problems yesterday due internet connection in the netherlands, a lot of providers had issues.
but i wanted to enter homey with the app.
no results. so i have found this thread.

my main modem had no internet connection, but my WIFI at home was still going.
that means that HOMEY was still connected to my WIFI (checked also with networkscanner) and my phone was also connected.

but NO possible way the enter homey to editing flows etc. the app was saying i need internet.

So the big question.
how can i use Homey without internet at home, even when homey and phone is connected to the same and one and only WIFI point?

The problem is that it should work, even though it obviously doesn’t (also for a lot of other people).

Suggestions like “reboot your router” or “reboot your WiFi access point” are, of course, ignoring the fact that apparently, Homey (or the mobile app) doesn’t have a proper failover mode that works in common environments if it loses its connection to the outside world.

All you can do at this point it tell Athom about it, in the hope that they will take a closer look at it: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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will do that !!

Modbreak. Link deleted.

In short, I pulled the internet plug while my “automatic login” Homey app was NOT running on my iPhone.

I couldn’t authenticate locally, the login screen came up with “no internet” message. Inputting credentials didn’t work.

But once you’re in and the app is running, going offline has no effect.

And automations run always

Is this the expected behaviour?

There is no need to post in both this and Is there still no local access? (V2)

Hi there, I’m currently looking into buying a homey, but not being able to login or control the device while being offline totally turns me off.

Does somebody know, how the plans are on this matter?

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Try to ask them on support@athom.com

Sadly not getting any response for a few days now :confused:
I’ll keep you posted.

Yes, support sucks lately. Nonetheless they will answer but with big delay.

Hi! I ran one of your test cases today (2022-01-09).

I pulled out the internet cable from my router.

After doing that i am actually to be able to reach my Homey Pro with my iPhone.

But the app my iPad cannot access and report that Homey is off line.

Also through web on a Windows PC falls to access the Homey when internet cable is pulled our.

Sorry. Today 2022-01-09. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Web app uses internet, so it doesn’t work without it.

Ok. But why can i not access Homey without internet on my iPad?

Is the iPhone-app built in a different way that iPad-app?

Don’t have iDevices. Android phone & tablet works fine offline using the Homey app.
How many times did you try the “Try to connect” button on the ipad Homey app?

Not sure. A coupe of times.

I have the same problem.
I am using our Homey Pro to automate our sailboat and this is very problematic when we are out sailing as the boat WiFi is not always connected to the internet.

If rebooting the Homey Pro it actually works to connect to it for a few minutes before not working anymore. That is the only workaround I have found.

I am connecting with an iPhone 11 and the router is a Teltonika X11.

So does it have to be the same WI-Fi network, or just same local network? Cause its a bit tricky as modern smartphones tend to prefer (for a reason) to go over 5Ghz where homey has only 2.4 that is a bit “outdated”

My phone also preferes 5MHz above 2.4MHz but that’s no problem for connecting to Homey, one of my GoogleHomeMini speakers also switched to 5MHz and did not function anymore as a Homey speaker, after blocking it on 5MHz, it connected to 2.4MHz and was working fine again.