Is there still no local access? (V2)

What kinds of errors are you getting?

In the app I get Homey offline. Going to the ip adres redirects me to And a time out.

Everything is in the same 2.4 ghz network on the same router. Only thing I can think of is that I use a pi-hole as dns provider, but I’m not yet sure how that would spoil it.

I think it’s best to post a support request here:

It should work locally, but I believe that in certain situations, cloud access is still required.

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Done. Mostly curious if it should work since then its a local issue. Also starting to doubt if auto updates is on. I think it is since I updated from 1.5 to 2. Waited for quite a while to get a stable 2.x. Can’t check now since I can’t access :rofl: running in circles on this point.

I meant “it should work according to Athom”, but that doesn’t mean it will work in all circumstances. Homey’s networking hasn’t been entirely flawless since v2 has arrived.

Forgot to add the mail from September second. Athom confirming that local access is not working without active internet connection.

Ik heb je probleem met Development besproken, en er lijkt inderdaad een issue te zitten in het valideren van de inloggegevens als Homey offline is.

Dit werkt ongeveer als volgt:

Homey en je smartphone app krijgen als ze met het internet verbonden zijn een token van de server, waarmee je kunt inloggen zonder je inloggegevens te hoeven valideren. Als Homey de toegang tot het internet verliest, blijft deze het oude token gebruiken. Sluit je echter de app op je smartphone helemaal af, vraagt deze een nieuw token van de cloud zodra de app weer wordt gestart. Omdat Homey dit nieuwe token niet kan ontvangen komt dit niet meer overeen, waardoor je verbindingsprobleem ontstaat.

Het probleem is dus bekend bij Development, en staat op de lijst om gerepareerd te worden. Helaas is er geen verwachte releasedatum voor deze update.

Mijn excuses voor het ongemak.

October 18 no internet no connection.
Wrote to athom half year ago and today. My provider started to update something, and I loosing internet connection quite often. So Athom, your secure connection for local access is useless. Dear athom, more priority for this!!!


I have given up on that. Homey is now an eyecatcher with some cheap moodlights connected to it and that it. I am not trusting my entire home with it.


Only because you have no local access? I only can assume your Homey still does it’s job without Internet, just like everybody else’s does? Or doesn’t it?

I guess some people like being able to actually control and manage Homey.


I think Maarten is fully capable of answering my questions on his own without you guessing it, thank you.

Yes, I don’t like being held hostage with it. I want to be able to control things myself (Like simply turning off lights when I want them to, not when a specific flow triggers at midnight). Not being dependent on already configured flows. And the fact that this is an issue for a very long time, while being an very essential part of it; gives me no confidence; or incentive to invest my time and effort in it further. (For the record, I bought Homey during the crowdfunding, so I am familiar with how things; and how quick things; are picked up.)


If you want to ask a private question, send a DM. This is a public forum.


Clear, thanks.
I myself don’t have the problem of being offline anymore since i changed my internal WiFi network by a mesh system (at least, i really don’t notice it anymore). But it did it’s job perfectly while being offline for short and longer periods, so i am satisfied with that. For most flows i have switches or buttons to manually override.
I had a Samsung Smartthings Hub that totally stopped working without internet, even with physical switches. And that is indeed totally unacceptable.

It does not. Without internet, no local access using the app, no voice control (duhhh) so no light switch for me. Luckily I kept the remotes…

Once I have internet, I’ll assign one remote button to a flow to switch all lights.

Still, one extra disappointment for this early adopter. One that made my girlfriend anti-Homey :confused:

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That’s why i always build in a plan B… Whatever controller you use, they all have these disadvantages, some more than others. And i think Homey is among the others…

Is this still the case?
I lost internet the other day and couldn’t control via app even though both were on local network…

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In theory, it should work locally. In practice, it doesn’t.

TL;DR: according to Athom, the mobile app uses an access token to access Homey locally, and that token has a reasonably large expiry (after which it requires an internet connection to be updated), but it regularly happens that when the internet connection dies, the app pretty much immediately cannot access Homey anymore.

Urgh. Not ideal then really is it.
Good job I can log in with the IP address from my desktop over LAN… oh wait

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Long lease token my ****!
Was in the app when internet just dropped. Loaded app straight back up and no local connection