Is there away to get mqtt tag to show as a device in homey (Weather data)

I have a Davis Vantage 2 weather station and use Weather-Display to log the data and putting in on my website ( ) and I also put all data in a MYSQL database and Weather-display writes to text files all data.
Now I want to use that data in my Homey.
For example when wind is over 8 m/s take awnings in or when is starts to rain send a mail
I have searched after a solution to get weather data into my Homey but can find any.
Weather-display can also do MQTT, can I send mqtt to my mosquitto broker and then let my Homey read them and use the tags as a device ?

That should be possible with the MQTT Client app, which can subscribe to MQTT topics and start flows when a message is posted to a topic.

Is it possible to see a tag as a device, for example windspeed och rain? Would be nice on dashboard to see windspeed, temp, rain etc
I am new to MQTT… does Homey read the mqtt tag and then can use it, like if rain change from 0mm to 0.2mm a flow does something ?

You’d have to do that in different steps:

  • one flow that triggers on an MQTT message, and sets a variable containing the message contents as action
  • another flow that triggers on a variable changing

This depends on Weather-Display being able to publish MQTT messages containing data like windspeed, rain, etc.

Thank you very much for answers. The new version of weather-display coming hopefully next week vill send one message per tag example windspeed, winddirection and so on. So it seems like mqtt can do what I want