Tasmota mqtt device not found

Good morning everyone, I’m working on a connection of NFC reader on Homey. I think everything works fine but I can’t get the part added to Homey pro via Tasmota MQTT.
I am using a Wemos D1 mini V4 with Tasmota sensor software. I used Tasmota’s tutorial. (PN532 NFC reader - Tasmota) When I scan a tag it also gives an ID. So this piece works well. When I set up the Mqtt client it still seems to work fine. I also see the log in the mqtt client when I scan a tag, but when I add a new device to Homey pro nothing is found. do you have an idea what i should do? Still have a Wemos d1 mini v3 running with a temperature sensor and it works well right away. (deleted this once and added it again and will also be added right away.

Thanks Wilco

I think you’ll need a MQTT broker as well? Just a thought.

When he scans a tag he can see it in the MQTT Client, which suggests there’s already an MQTT broker in place :smiley:

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Yes correct broker is working.

If I replace the nfc with a temp sensor.
And search for new devices than it find it direct.

It is a combination with the nfc reader.


Looks like the Tasmota app just doesn’t support tag readers:
“The current version of the application supports on/off capability for single or multiple sockets devices, power monitoring, dim, light_temperature, light_hue, and light_saturation capabilities for single socket devices.” (source)

As an alternative, you can use the MQTT Client flow cards to trigger on MQTT messages being posted to the specific topic of your device, or you might be able to use the MQTT Hub app’s “MQTT Device” implementation to create a virtual device for it (although there isn’t really a Homey equivalent device type for tag readers).

Thank you that’s a good idea.
I can easily receive the topic but not the data in it. I’m going to test with it. can i somehow read the content? 12:42:12.289 MQT: tele/tasmota_BE5746/SENSOR = {“Time”:“2023-08-27T12:42:12”,“PN532”:{“UID”:“862321AFB”}}
thank you

For example:

Thanks i get it.

This is working. thanks