Is there an Homey app voor Gira E-net?

I’m using Gira E-net for my lights in my house. I consider Hoomey, is there an app available?

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When you use the search button in
you can find out if there’s an app or not.
The looking glass is disguised as =


I took a peek and there isn’t an app yet.
A way to control it is via Home Assistant, but that takes some time and effort:

I can’t find an app also. But i can control my gira enet by google home. Is there an option to use my lights by control the homey app who’ll communicate by google home?
Is there A option to connect the homey app or the new homey proffesional with my gira e net lights?

YW. When they’re in GHome, you can control them with Homey. It’s not local though, and I don’t know about (a quick) response time. But it’s a start!
(The Google connection is integrated and can be enabled, no need for an additional app)

Idea by @Ria_Banis

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How can i connect my Google Home to my Homey app so i can control al my stuff by the Homey app.
i want to make Homey my default app for all my devices

In GHome, go to settings and look for “works with Google”.
Enter Homey in the search bar and install.

In Homey Pro you’ll have to enable Synchronize with Google via …More>Settings>Google Assistant

Here you can find lots of how-to’s and documentation:

Where can i get in contact with someone who is able maka a connection app for homey and (gira or jung) e-Net?

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Just created the app request for Gira eNet.
Please like/upvote it here: Homey Pro Community App Requests - #702 by MrBlue