Hue emulator

Is this sort of thing doable with homey?

Having the ability to configure my rooms in an emulator and have Google home talk to the emulator would be fantastic.

I think that specifically using it with Google Home will not work, because (according to the configuration examples on the page you mention), Google Home requires that the bridge emulator runs on port 80, which isn’t possible for Homey apps.

Oh, that’s shame.
One could always have it running on Port ‘whatever’ proxy via Port 80 on a router or server.

I think I’ll give openhab or a whirl, then have it kick homey via http requests.

Have you had any luck with this? I want to add control of my living room lights to my Harmony remote, which only work with hardware like Hue, or stuff that’s not available in Europe. I have an emulated hue brigde in Home Assistant, with a switch for my lights, but that does not do anything yet. I don’t know how to generate a url that triggers a flow or a device on homey, so I’m kinda stuck at the moment.

I found both Hass and openhab quite hard to love.
I have bought homeseer instead, the http requests are doing it’s job, via virtual devices with multiple states.
Hs3 has proper Google home and z-wave implementations. And since homey 2.0, better interfaces than homey. (God knows it didn’t before)

In due time I’ll just move my z-wave network to HS3, and ditch Homey completely.

I only use Home Assistant for the emulated Hue bridge, in the end I got it working pretty easily, although there are minor issues. The switch does not ‘stick’ in Home Assistant, so it does not know whether the lights are on or off, doesn’t matter fixed that with Booleans in Homey.

I took the plunge and moved my devices yesterday.
I won’t be looking back.

For the first time ever, I’m loving my z-wave network.
Google home, just works.
Chromecast TTS, just works.
Sensors, just work.
Turning 50+ devices off when leaving my home, takes less than a second. Something homey never could finish in a full minute without leaving stuff on.

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So i seriously read you and checked homeseer. The app seems ui/ux horrible. There website is horrible. I was not able to make a search in the forum because of the horrible google captcha looping…

Now i am not happy with homey, fibaro hc3, jeedom, home assistant, domoticz, and smartthings though smartthings is the best i have found it lacks of compatibility devices OR unstupid development process.

Frustrating world.