Is There an Arlo App?

Dumb New Guy - DNG here. When I read the forum I see mention of an Arlo app. However, when I go to the app store I do not see anything. I have 2 hubs and 20 cameras - 1 Q, 14 Pro 4, and 5 Pro 5. I appreciate any help. And, as you can see, I am asking a lot of questions right now, but I will learn the Homey Secret Handshake pretty quick - hang in there with me. Thx, Jack

You could have read the corresponding official app topic why it isn’t available.
But to help you out, the app was removed because of a forced introduction of 2 factor authentification by arlo several years ago.

There was an app once, but the app developer asked Athom to remove it from the App Store. Information on this can be found in the following topic:

However, an official request has already been made to Athom: