Is there a problem with in stallation of old qubaro mini dimmers on a new homey 11.1.0?

I have just installed a new 2024 pro and am trying to install Qubino mini dimmers on to it. I know the dimmers worked OK on my old homey 2018 but I cannot get them to install in any way with the new Homey. Am I missing something here?
If anybody knows of an installer in UK near Leeds I would happily pay them tofix this! :sob:

I searched for ‘app qubino’ and found this topic as first result:

Qubino has been merged with Shelly apparently?

Shelly aquired Qubino and has released new devices under the name Shelly Wave Qubino. But the old Qubino Zwave devices still have their own app and are not part of the Shelly app.

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Thanks Jelger.

So @Julian_Driver , you’d ask your questions in the Qubino topic please: