Is there a alternative for life360 ? ios and chromeos?

from 1 jan 2024 life360 is not supporting smart home systems anymore

so tracking battery status and % are now useless

are there any alternatives to get the same kind of result

if battery is 5% then turn on charger
if battery is 100% then turn off charger

for ios you can use tasks but this app is crashing when i choose homey to start a flow
for chrome OS you can find Google home (but this needs google assistents) and this is not supporting chromeOS

i hope someone can help me with this problem

I installed tasker on my phone (awesome app, but not free) Tasker can sent webhooks to homey with variables. I sent my battery level (when batterylevel change sent webhook). Homey puts the received batterylevel in a variabel and in this way knows what my batterylevel is.

You can even send from homey to your phone using JOIN but I don use this.

Another thing I use from tasker to send to homey is wether the phone is connected to power. In this way I can stop the power when my phone battery level is at 90% using a smart socket. I heard this is better for your phonebattery.

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thanks for your information

not free if it works no problem i have download a demo to try but its not very user friendly even with a tutorial im not getting anything to work

can you maybe share some information with me how you did it ?

thanks in advance

I made a tutorial: [HOW TO] Using Tasker to sent battery level from phone to homey

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