IR detectors do not stop being active in the app. Motion - Yes stays On

I have 7 IR detectors where some won’t stop reporting Motion - Yes for 30 minutes to days, but only in the Homey. I’ve tried reinstalling, changing the battery, changing settings according to guides here on the forum like activating Reset after x minutes on the IR, but they continue to stay on which means that e.g. the stair lights that I want to turn on for 2 minutes on motion, then will not respond to motion for the next hour(s). The IR sensors continue to flash when new movement is seen, but in the Homey app, movement has not been turned off. So, nothing happens.
Is it Homey’s fault or me?
Homey Pro 2023, latest software, I have 2 old Telldus (433MHz) 3 Fibaro (Zwave) and 2 Sonoff (Zigbee), in advanced flows.
I have seen that I am not alone here having these issues. Is there a solution?
Greetings Göran

Hello Goran,

A few questions / remarks:

'… being active in the app … ’

Can you give us a hint on what “the app” means? There are 700+ of them :wink:

May I ask why you don’t ask your questions in one of those topics?

May I ask why you don’t ask your questions in one of those topics? Or why you don´t add links to them as reference?

Hi Peter, thanks for quick reply!
Sorry if the translation is not crystal clear.
By App I mean in the computer and the app in the mobile, the “man” is red/moving for motion detected and in the icon see below.

I appreciate and understand that you wish to collect questions in the same thread. I’ve seen others having the same problem in other forums outside of Athom, but not here. That’s why I’m starting a new one.
/ Göran


But which Homey app does that IR device use?

Ah, fair enough, didn’t think of that :wink:

They are included in the their respective app. Fibaro, Telldus and Sonoff without much trouble. I previously had them (except Sonoff) in my previous home automation system Telldus Tellstick ZNet Lite 2 where they worked fine for many years.
Btw, since purchasing the HP, I have rebuilt it for an external antenna for 433 MHz, which has made all my old sensors to be detected. This is in an another thread in this forum. External Zigbee antenna is coming soon.

I’m afraid I can´t be of any help here.

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So the symptoms occurs for each of those 3 different protocols? Then I would start suspecting either a really bad placement of your Homey (near a lot of metal) or something like a faulty power supply or power cable.

Thanx Robert for your input.
Yes, it’s sits on top of my old amplifyer - a looot of metal! :smile:
Will try with moving the HP. Others, I have “the new” power supply, think the cord is good… will try this to!
Thanks again! :ok_hand: / Göran

Small update in the case.
I have now moved my IR sensors around so the “older, more primitive” 433 MHz ones is where movement occurs more often and the ones with more settings (like Fibaro) sit where movement occurs less often, and now my flows actually work every time… ?
Detected motion (in the staircase)
HP Rörelse gubbe
… turns off like 10 seconds after it was activated, so a new trig of event can come right after the previous one.
It seems that sometimes more simple gadgets… are just easier to work with :smile:!
Thanks for all input! /Göran