IoTaWatt: Energy monitoring of circuits in fuse box

I wish to install a device in my fuse box that can monitor the energy consumption of each fuse on individual basis. I havn’t found any Homey compatible devices able to do this(?).

However, I came across IoTaWatt, an open source project that seem to do exactly what I am looking for.

Any experience with this? Would it be possible to get a Homey app developer for this device?

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Looks nice. A local alternative to Emporia which has only a inofficial cloud API.
But this product seems to have a local storage and a webserver to display the data. But no webservice or API to read real time data from Homey.

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Thanks, just looked at the first page.
So read historical data grouped by minute or seconds (5sec min?) could be possible to update a homey device in that interval.

Emporia also looks like a good alternative. Doesn’t seem to have a Homey app either though.

From what I have found the only alternatives for Homey are Shelly and Aeotec(?), but they only support like max 4 circuits.