[Introducing] Homey Moods - Homey (Cloud) & Homey Pro (Early 2023) v11.0.0 - MobileApp v8.2.0 [Test]

See the Athom Blog for official presentation:

:sparkles: Introducing Moods:

With Moods, you can create and save your own lighting setups effortlessly. Dive into this new feature by simply tapping the ‘plus’ button in the mobile app on the devices tab to unveil the “New Mood” option.

Some points to note:
— Moods works with Homey Pro (Early 2023) firmware version 11.0.0 and later, as well as Homey (Cloud).
Currently there is no support for Moods on Homey Pro (2016 - 2019).

Customers owning Homey Pro (2016 — 2019) will get the option to unlock Moods for a one-time purchase of € 10 later this year.

— Available from Homey Mobile App - v8.2.0 image
Homey Mobile App Changelog | Homey

Moods from The Mobile App from v8.20

(Currently in TestFlight/BetaTest)

You can create one of more moods from the Blue (+) Sign in the Devices/ Zones tab using [New Mood]:

Select the Lights that are part of this Mood

(Choosing Lights with less capabilities reduce the options after NEXT , so try one with only Color Lights and no dumb lights.)

Choose one of the Pre-set’s or create your own Custom Mood

optional Change the name and Save:


you can see Moods in Zone’s or onder the Favorites.

Moods from the WebApp

Moods can’t be created from the WebApp but can be Set (Activated) or Deleted or made Favorite.


Moods in Flows

You can create Flows (Both in WebApp and in Mobile app) that Trigger on setting a Mood and Create Flows that Set a Mood.



Heel tof!! Hopelijk wordt het ooit nog mogelijk om andere apparaten toe te voegen zoals gordijnen, tv/receiver en al het andere mogelijke

Hi will this come to Homey 2016-2029?

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The is not much more to say then what Athom states on the Homey Mobile App Changelog | Homey

— Currently there is no support for Moods on Homey Pro (2016 - 2019).

So no Idea if it wil be there ever, as free update or …

Have been using it for 3 days now, but think it is useless nonsense that is being introduced.
You can create such a mood yourself in a flow.
No added value!!

Installed the beta app, but Group-app not working properly anymore. Back to the stable app.

Can’t imaging what that has to do whit the Introduction of Moods.

If that happens for a certain App you should report that a) to the App developer in the App-Topic and/or b) to Athom as it could be an Mobile (?) App Issue/Bug that they should resolve.

Just mentioning “not working properly” without specifying what isn’t working isn’t that useful imho…

I had two lights in one Group at the dinnertable. With the last stable app yesterday it was working. Then I installed the beta version with Moods. After that only one light was adjustable. Then I did a factory reset and restored from the latest backup back to the stable version of the app. Both lights were working again…

Sorry, but this still doesn’t sound logical for me…

That’s the mobile App… So are you still running 8.2.0 ? On Android or on iOS? What Build? (There have been a couple already)

Sounds to me as a complete unrelated issue.

Homey Firmware v11.0.0 is Stable, So it is impossibly to revert to the previous …
For me the Restore alone already sounds as not useful action and risky (Downloading all Latest Apps again from the Homey App Store, updating all to the latest version)

You didn’t say you removed your mobile app, Left Beta in Google Play and revert to installing the original v8.1.x version,
What App Version are you running now?

Beside that, still no idea what Group App you use, What error you got, what the issue is (Beside a light didn’t switch, don’t even have a clue what type of lights are in the group) …

Guess you relate something (coincident?) completely unrelated to the Beta version …

I don’t see issue’s here at the moment with the latest Mobile app version and Moods.

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I’m sorry. Because te Group wasn’t working, I removed the Group. When I created a new Group with the same lights as before, still 1 light was working. Therefore I did a restore for the firmware. I uninstalled the beta (mood) app and replaced it with the stable version.
By the way, I’m on iOS with an iPhone.

The mood I tried didn’t even had to do with the two lights from the Group…

Just concluded that the beta app wasn’t working for me with the Group app. Dont know what it caused it. But after restore it worked again…
Time between the install of the beta app and the removal/reinstall wasn’t more than one hour.

When the stable version comes out, I’ll try again. I know where to watch out for.

Moods may come in handy where in some flows I have some lights dim down but sometimes not all lights respond. I hope with Moods this will work better.

Assuming, from initial testing, that these are static moods - so when you activate a light, a colour is activated and stays that way? Just want to check if the colours aren’t meant to change slowly between light colours (light Hue does)
If this did change then mine aren’t working, and would also make the Hue app relatively redundant (good thing in my personal view…)


I would love it it was possible to set specific lights to a value i want. Then make a mood and keep the current setting. If I do that now and pick custom, the lights changes to some ”default” value.

Apps with similar functionality:
Zone memory
Light Triggers
Device Capabilities

How do you execute a Mood from within a flow?

It’s explained in the opening post.

A mood isn’t executed, is is Set:

And in own Editor: With Mood_Name - Zone_Name

Thank you. But I still cannot see where i find the then cards to Set