[APP][Pro] SceneButtons

With SceneButtons, you easily save and recall the current lighting mood in a zone easily and quickly using a button in the app or as an action a flow.

To get started

  1. Install the SceneButtons app on your Homey
  2. Add the “Scene Button” device to the zone whose current lighting mood you want to save
  3. Give the button an appropriate name
  4. Press the button to recall the saved scene

To modify a scene

  1. Create a new mood OR recall the scene and make your adjustments
  2. Open the settings of the scene button you want to modify
  3. Go to Maintenance and press the “Save Current State” button.


You cannot exclude lamps or save lamps in other zones with it.


Placeholder for future use.

Hi 3dwin,

A similar app exists, but I’m sure there’s differences

Hi @Peter_Kawa,

SceneButtons allow you to save and recall a scene without using flows. Each scene is a device with a button that can be activated from the overview with all other devices.
It’s much easier to use for people who don’t want to create or use too many flows.

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Thanks! Hence the name, SceneButtons :stuck_out_tongue:

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In theory this app is exactly what I’m looking for.
However I’m having some troubles creating scenes.
My idea is to have all scenes in the “Home” zone, so the top zone and I set every lighting I like and then just hit the save button. However it seems that only one scene button per zone can be used. If I create a second one and modify the lighting and save it, it overrides the first scene i created.

Is that a bug, the intended way or am I just too stupid to use the app :sweat_smile: