Change Hue scene in room?

I have a motion sensor that turns on lights in a room. At night I want the want a different scene to run in that room, but I can not figure out how to do so.

A couple of scenarios to better describe what I’m after:

IF the time is between 07 and 19
  AND motion is detected
  THEN set scene for lights in room A to scene X
  THEN turn on lights in room A 
ELSE IF the time is between 19 and 07
  AND motion is detected
  THEN set scene for lights in room A to scene Y
  THEN turn on lights in room A

I see that the app has a card “Set the scene scene”, but I can’t fugure out how to use it correctly. I have the impression it sets the scene for the whole house.

Take a look at the app: Zone Memory, you can store different “scenes” and start them depending on the time of day.

That app is fantastic! It really helped. Thanks

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Homey works with triggers you start ypur example with a condition.
Always start with:
When… something happens…
And… your conditions…
Then … …

It seems to save everything but the color of the bulbs. For example if I save a scene “Savanna Sunset” on the zone, then it pretty much only saves the brightness of the bulbs. Any idea if there’s a way to save the colors as well?

This is all I know, you can put your questions there if you didn’t find an answer.

Zone Memory basically saves all data the device’s controlling app exposes. If the color is not saved then it might be an issue of the target app. I recently had someone observe an unexpected behavior with the Hue app and Zone Memory in regards to color or mode.
The problem is that the Hue app did not report the updated light data when expected. You can check if you have the same issue by checking what the color indicator of light shows in your Homey UI at the moment when you run the Store Device data stuff. Most likely even Homey will show the wrong color/mode. This needs a fix in the Hue app most likely. Or you delay saving the data to Zone Memory until the Hue app has refreshed its own info about the device.

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It seems you’re right! When I’ve changed the colors from the Hue app on my phone the bulbs get the correct color, but when I check the Homey app they are all “plain” color in the indicator. I’ll let the devs of the Homey Hue app know this. Thanks!

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