INNR SP220 does not work in 'meterkast (fuse box)'

Recently I bought 3 INNR SP220 Zigbee smart power plugs. Without any problem I paired with my Homey-pro. My intention was to use them in the ‘meterkast (fuse box)’. However when I installed them there they do not work. I should say that also my WiFi router is located there. Could this be the reason? I replaced them with 2 other Zigbee smart plug (Xiaomi) and they work perfectly. When I install the INNR smart plugs in a different power outlet (1 meter down) in the ‘meterkast’ they also seem to work. Anything I can do here? I already did a reset of the Zigbee network.

Only thing I can say, check your wifi and zigbee channels for interference. And maybe the INNR plugs are a bit more sensitive than the Xiamomi plugs.

USB 3.0 can also interfere with the Zigbee signal.

And yes, in my opinion it makes sense and is necessary to operate certain devices only at a certain distance.

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