Infrared list

Hi there.
I got one device which uses IR only (epson eh-tw7100) and I can’t seem to find a proper IR driver for it.
Just wondering then if there is a list of all supported devices somewhere and if there’s a place to ask dor a new product?

Many topics complaining about IR but I did not see that anywhere, except on a 2016 topic which has an outdated URL.

Thanks in advance.

When you start connecting an IR device, to find your device, start typing the devices name/brance, then a list of supported devices will be shown.
For new products to be added, contact Athom service.

You can try several remotes without installing. It’s worth a try.
There’s often no need to match an exact model or type.

Hi, thanks I did try many devices before and it turned out that the IR signal is very directional so it didn’t reach the projector’s receiver. After moving the Homey, things got a lot better.

Now I can turn it on (Epson code 1 if anyone is wondering), just have to find out how to turn it off and where I can put the homey so that the projector receives the signal without having it in the middle of the room or using mirrors.

Anyone knows where exactly the IR transmitter here in this thing?

Unfortunately the IR LED setup in the Homey Pro wasn’t designed very well and the LED’s themselves are underpowered…

There are a few threads on here that do a tear down of a Homey Pro and show the physical layout of them behind the ring. To find those threads try the search bar on here , or Google

Also if you look closely at the ring on your unit you will see the tiny gaps where they are meant to face out…

Look at it through a camera and you can view the IR beams :wink:

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