[Info] Homey - Homey Bridge - Homey Pro Maximums / Limitations

You say it will not happen? Why do you think that?If this is true the Bridge is useles

U ask if ALL apps from Pro will be available on the bridge aye? Not gonna happen.
They are adding mostly cloud apps, local connecting they do not allow. And that will be a lot of apps not suiting that.

It is not simply a matter of allowing. Since the app code runs on their server, it cannot reach local network devices. If they wanted to support it they would have to tunnel local network trafic to their services, which would pose a security nightmare.

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Hope they will add more than what are avaliable today. Then I need to buy the Pro version you think?

As Athom told that, many Tools and apps needing Settings pages and Apps that are to complex will not be allowed for Homey (cloud).

I guess that is your opinion?
Athom positioned Homey and Homey bridge for many users with less complex situations or requirements.
For more freedom in development and using manu Community Apps, for Local running without Cloud / Internet connectivity as requirement and situations where the bridge can not yet foresee (Like Local LAN) is Homey Pro the flaggship product.

Ofc! The bridge is just for “Jan en Annie” who just wants some lights attached and “automate”. If ur into Home Automation then the Pro is for u and the bridge is for ur grandma.

Updated Topic to make this Limitation more clear.

It seems the maximum zigbee directly paired devices is limited to 6 (Pro: 15).

So it’s not a bug, it’s a feature?

It’s a solution? :shushing_face:

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Yes, that’s what I meant :wink:

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