Increase user friendly design for removing devices


I had a Z-Wave device that I could not delete anymore and I had to search this forum A LOT to get this fixed. I think a lot can be improved on the user friendly implementation, I know Homey is still a bit for geeks, but would it not be mature enough already to make it a bit more user friendly?.

When you go to device settings and click remove, it wants you to set the device in learning mode. Why??? I aborted this because I did not have the device anymore. But reading this forum you learn that eventually it times out and removes the device anyway… that’s not clear from the interface at all. And if you can remove it without setting in to learn mode… why bother your users doing that?

While trying to remove the device I learned that you could also do this from homey developer within the Z-Wave section. And indeed, the device was listed there as well, but the “Remove” option was not available. There were other “Unknown nodes” within that list as well. Don’t know where they came from, but I wanted to delete those as well, but remove has been grayed out.

Only after again searching this forum I learned that you first have to test those nodes and after that remove will become available… again a bit of a poor design if you ask me. Why not always allow a user to remove devices there? Even if they are working?

The last one is because that is a limitation of the zwave (chip).
A device needs to be flagged “invalid node” before athom/homey is able to delete the device from the z-wave chip, and that is what you do with the test option.
It is on the developer pages for a reason.

As for the timeout, pre homey v2 I would also show this message when you pressed delete on the device (that if you let it time out it would delete).
Apparently they forgot to re-add that in the deletion part, could you send that issue to athom?

Hi Caseda,

But Athom/Homey made the developer page right? So what would prevent them from always having the “Remove” button active? If you press remove, within the background they mark it as an invalid node and remove it.

Does not seem too complex and would make it a lot easier for the user of that page, even though it is a developer page.

EDIT: Tried to notify athom of the second issue using the URL you provided, but the diagnostics GUID is mandatory. Lol.

They can only ask the zwave chip to validate a device being invalid or not, homey itself can’t do that.
People will complain if you press remove, and the device won’t be marked invalid as it is still reachable, so won’t be removed (you really only can remove invalid devices)