In the homey bridge,How to get time zone?

In the homey bridge, I can’t get the time zone using this.homey.clock.getTimezone(), It returns Etc/GMT instead of my current time zone

Is your location set correctly? In the settings of the mobile app.

The position should be correct,I can get it at the homey,However, it cannot be obtained in homey bridge

I tried luxon and moment-timezone, But the time zone returned is UTC, not my current time zone

Don’t assume, check :stuck_out_tongue: A cloud account is separate from any Homey Pro’s that you have.

What’s the timezone set for your cloud/bridge account on this page?

(if you both a Homey Pro and a Homey Cloud account, select the correct one in the upper left corner)

The this.homey.clock.getTimezone() method in the Homey Bridge only retrieves the default timezone, which is Etc/GMT .

To obtain your actual timezone, you’ll need to utilize an external time zone API or library that can provide timezone information based on your Homey Bridge’s location.

Wow, really? That’s even worse than “just” running apps in that timezone like it does on Homey Pro.

The location of the homey bridge cannot be loaded. Is that the reason?

What API or library can you refer to?